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Righteous Nothingness…

Posted in Because i said so.. on March 22, 2012 by soul93




Have you ever heard of anything like righteous nothingness??? You probably have takes more than an absolutely amazing vocabulary to know of such uber words…a wild brain and/or any kind of brain maybe

It exists in our imagination nothingness..yes!!

There is laziness…which is harmful. It makes people thick headed and fat!

And then we have THIS…this..wonder..this miracle…

It is nothing short of being lazy…and feeling good about it!

Now what kind of HUMAN minds feel good about doing nothing?? That query is a painful question mark.

Egg heads like me you and everyone out the realm of technological er– something…who have nothing to do..have always and will always pretend..that watching things on television or surfing internet…*READ doing nothing* is nothing short of not doing anything..and in logical is called being lazy…

Sadly..we feel okay about it. The act of being not indulging in anything productive..and not feeling bad about being lazy fat bums in infact righteous nothingness.

It is not only a dilemma of the modern age a.k.a teenagers….EVERYONE is involved in this..damnation!

Be it that little kid who spends time playing useless videogames and who learns nothing except how to do things which he will never do in real life..Or that teenager who spends loads of time on the internet streaming latest good for nothing seasons..* yes i know entertainment they are but no offence  they actually teach you nothing more than the art of getting the sacred harmonic juices mixed up together in or out of your system* Or the ;asy who instead of shedding that extra weight spends time eating chocolate because that son of a douchebad left her and even took the damn dog collar..!!

And then there are more people like these and more things to *not to but read* to do..

So yeas…every one…people and aliens from planet Zog…we all indulge oursleves in this act!

Righteous nothingness what venom! What treachery!!



Pushed to the brink!!

Posted in Rage and rave on March 3, 2012 by soul93

How many of us have been there done that…Cliche people…

So yes..there exists one too many psychos, haters…and liars and cheats…and summing it up..B****es

And we all they are capable of pushing us over the edge of US….HOW DARE THEY!!??

No really i mean it…So what goes on in the minds of some leaches…ehh??

Desperation…??? Hatred?? Jealousy??? or simply because they are beneath you…??

Yes later it is…

Throughout  life i have been pushed forth and..err forth to the brink..again and again and again….and again

And throughout that life..i have kept wondering how to avenge it all..and i do believe i loathed each moment of being gone completely over the fire…but i loved it..and it is ecstatic…

The storm in a little teacup…from where they insolently drink their teas..from those horrible and ugly lips…  is the outcome of such cowardly act.

Actions..and words..and demeaning and hideous..faces..and their way of living…and their way of controlling…

There is more than one way of being pushed …and there are many people who commit this folly…and more than one time…and more than one..YES more than one revenge there will be…

For the clever and the angry does not sleep right..untill they are given the reason to sleep right..

But then again…..the more the merrier!