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Mirror O Mirror On the Wall…..

Posted in Because i said so.. with tags , , on April 29, 2012 by soul93

Egoists and self absorbed people..*more like myself* often stand in front of the mirror and say stuff like “Damn who is this hottie looking at me” or “Ooooo that good looking is checking me out” or wolf whistle or wink at themselves.

Ever try the mirror o mirror technique??

Well we should all have the guts enough to stand in front of the damn mirror once a while and ask what we desire…In the case of Snow White’s evil stepmother…it was “Who is the fairest of them all?”. You can improvise!

No really…something like…”Who is the hottest/sexiest of them all?”. Or “Who is the sweetest of them all?” Or any other crap like that.

Truth is when we stand in front of the mirror we see what we want to see…most of the times..i want to see a good looking chick i will see one..i want to see a good looking messed up chick i will see one…i want to see a good looking messed up bimbo i might see one.

It is just a stupid mirrior showing us the reflection of a laughable fool who is so self absorbed that it has blinded the two eyes that see…

But really…there was this picture gone viral a few years back where a cat was looking at a mirror..and saw a lion and it said on the caption…*It all depends how you see yourself*. And you know it is true…it does depend how one looks at themseleves.

And it does not depend how dirty or small the mirror is…Truth is looking at your self in the mirror is not only the trait of an egoist. Everyone does that..even if it makes you cry!

There have been many of us who have once in a while looked at the mirror and said something like “Is this really who i am?”. Because we were maybe not so happy with ourselves!?

So yes mirror on the wall is just a glass which shows us reflections…of the lousy good for nothing maybe dumb slightly proud foolish old goodie two shoes. And what THIS thing sees is what this THING wants to see NO questions asked..NO answers required!

Mirror O Mirror On The Wall ……. Who Is The Saddest Of Them All?


Heartbreak For Dummies!!!

Posted in Gun Powder!! with tags , on April 28, 2012 by soul93

Heartbreak and sob stories are nothing new in this fantasy world..and well like it or not are a part of our life..

And everyone once in a while has to …MUST go through a heartbreak because that is a part of the human cycle…and if it does not occur than the entire human race can ermm be Abnormal maybe?? (:S)

See it is like the food chain..*it has been a while i have studies it so if i make a mistake than ni biggie please*. There is primary, then secondary and then tertiary!

Like there is a small bunny rabbit..which will eat grass…and then it will get eaten by a fox which will die and decompose..*nasty*..

Similarly..what happens is that in the primary level…we get our heart broken and it seems like the end of the world. Then during the secondary phase we eat junk food to get rid of that gloom and anger maybe…and we get put extra fat inside of our body that can kill us!

And then comes the tertiary phase..this phase can be different for different people..There could be people who grow out of that feeling. Or people who give up..

And surely..there are always firsts!

Like first love there is first heartbreak. Period.

When that happens here is what you DO NOT do!

  • DO NOT wish that the world would come to an end..because well other peoples lives are more important than a good for nothing moron ditching you!
  • Do NOT listen to music that can make you feel suicidal…because ermm just don’t.
  • DO NOT harm or hurt your self..because it is just the first time and mark my geniusness’s WILL happen again so grow some balls..*if you can*
  • DO NOT indulge yourself in negative sulking around and becoming a couch potatoe and eating a whole tub of ice cream..because well like it or not..things won’t change..but your attitude can change if you face what is bothering you.
  • DO NOT try to hit on you best friends girlfriend..or flirt with your bff’s guy…things might get messy.
  • DO NOT isolate yourself….talk to your dog.
  • DO NOT forget to feed the fish.
  • DO NOT turn your back on your family…simply because luck is not on your side..what ever happened to you is not their fault.
  • DO NOT waste your life sleeping away..because the moment you wake up your fantasy or your dream and peace somes to an end with your sleep..and you will still be …err a loser..*no nicer way of putting it*
  • DO NOT pick up nasty fights with people they are probably stronger than you are.
  • DO NOT drive like a crazy maniac…you can kill someone who did not deserve death.
  • DO NOT get too drunk or high…you might wake up with a tattoo on your ass which you will regret getting afterwards.
  • DO NOT say no to help..or rehab.
  • DO NOT post horrible lame and meaningless statuses on your facebook profile…it might piss people off..and it mostly does while you become the local gossip.
  • DO NOT put your profile picture as a black broken heart saying..’i miss you’ kind of crap..JUST DONT.

So yes is the natural cycle…a part of our life..just imagine how weird it would be if we all are happy ALL the time..Heartbreaks give us a reason to not take our happiness for granted.

Moreover we won’t learn the art of losing something and facing the reality..So once in a while if lady luck ain’t shini’n on me i gotta try an’ stay calm…because i know…if it ain’t t’day it has got to be fine tomorrow.

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In addition to music, one of my big passions is books.  Many of my weekend afternoons are spent at the coffee shop, listening to music and reading.  But weirdly, in proportion to other topics, I read surprisingly few books about music.  Unless you’re interested in reading about a handful of well-known artists (see the zillion books about the Beatles or the Rolling Stones), it can be hard to track down solid books about indie music.  So, I thought I’d start recommending some quality books about music I have found.

To kick things off, I’ll start with what is probably my favorite music-related book: Love Is A Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield.  This isn’t a traditional book about music – it doesn’t explore a particular genre or retell the antics of a particular band.  Rather, it speaks to the emotional connection between your life and your music that all…

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