Life is a complicated bozo. And what is more annoying…are sometimes the people around you. I mean they are fine one minute..and all just ****ed up the next moment.

And they make you look like one too.

People it is not wrong to want space. It is not wrong to need space.

But why don’t i get any then? :/

Yes it becomes torturous most of the time. And i know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way.

I am a box. A 3D box who is  multidimensional from within and it gets hard.

It gets tough. It would be wrong to walk around with a knife..or a gun going on a killing streak when it gets suffocating. And that it gets a LOT.

I sometimes wish i was a transparent balloon floating in the air. And that would be a hell more convenient.

I WANT space. I NEED space. I am a balloon.

Same place i put the rest of it.



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