The first time i got to know the importance of showing people your middle finger..was a long time ago. And since then i have been a part of this ritual. Now i have gotten this disease that wont go away. Yes the MIDDLE FINGER syndrome.

BUT unlike many other such diseases and (or) disorders that wont go away this one is not so bad. Releases feelings of utter satisfaction, sarcasm, bitchiness and pure rage.

It is more than a good feeling. It is like you conquered something. You know that feeling right. Poor old Amelia after getting dumped by the mister goody pants and after long hours of self pain finally shoved a middle finger up his a**. And since that day she is leading a much better life. She got a job offer at a nice place where she gets to show her middle finger to many people at one time. Ahh the life of luxury.

But that is just one Amelia i talk of. I have seen that man, that awesome (note that awesome is just an understatement here) man who has a tattoo of his middle finger on his forehead and he walks around. No one dares to mess with his. No he is not our local punk but he does keep local punks at bay.

I will tell you something. It is our responsibility to keep hooligans and big shot nobody’s and scumbag douches at bay. Vocals can be good enough but what really pisses ANYONE off is the action. Of thy middle finger.

After all actions do scream and words just whisper.

I mean you are just going, minding your own business and some random egg head shoves you or calls you something even his mommy should not have. And that feeling of aggression and and ecstasy you get when you show them the MF is out of this universe.

Many a times i want to just keep my middle finger up because the world’s just worth that.

I mean after all that is what silly old Helen did. I heard this phrase from her more often, ‘ SUCK ON THIS *shows her MF* and die*. And trust me she had inner peace.

So yes people, MF syndrome is just as good as it gets. After all we got that finger for a reason and now we all know why.

Well hello there. Howdy do.


4 Responses to “The MIDDLE FINGER Syndrome.”

  1. some people just need to have this finger shove it up their a**! first of people like, impatient drivers who doesnt give a damn about us – the pedestrians, just because theyre on wheels, they expect us to be fast, i mean, we’ve legs not wheels! ooo boy, i can go on and on about this topic 😀 interesting post! 🙂

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