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The Rage Monster!!

Posted in Anger Management with tags , , , , , , , on November 28, 2012 by soul93

This is number one anger management technique.

To be followed at times…actually at all time.

Find a rod or a stick or anything close and……..roar.


Break glass. *raaaaaaaawrrrrrrrr*

*arghhhhhhhhhhh* *break whatever you can find*

Break the furniture.

Hit people.




Lose yourself.


A Page From The Diary Of A Nasty Cynic!

Posted in Because i said so.. with tags , , , , on November 13, 2012 by soul93

*drum rolls*

As everything seems to happen to the sound of drum rolls these days!

Hello i am a cynic. I am not sure whether i always was..but that is what i am these days…and these days happens to be a long time.

So i woke up…like everyone else…only better at many things…And i usually wake up in a nice-ish mood. But then i know something nasty always happens that i feel like pounding every living object *insert Human Being*.

Hey don’t blame me…okay just don’t. There is no feeling in this world or any other for that matter of having a little smile thing on your face because you feel good about yourself and then suddenly like a cool breeze which runs down your spine…there are a few many dim wits jeering. Ay Caramba!

The newspaper was the same old pile of *fresh* shit.

Moving on..i see a few lazy bums, worthless excuses of men, losers who claim to be on  some sort of a  winning streak of being adorably lame..and many more people having the same attributes. I nod in disregard.

They think i like them. I mostly don’t.

Then what! Soon slowly and painfully night comes…oh many incidents do occur in between but if they were any important or any less tormenting i’d have put them here.

More people..more brooding over things that are as important as a rats a**…and yada yada yada.

Night comes…and finally i can get some sleep. Like everyone else.

But many things happen in between…like i said if they were any worthy i would have put them here.


Ba Dum Tuss

Posted in Brick on November 6, 2012 by soul93

*Bad Joke*