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A Page From the Diary of A Dark Sadist Soul..

Posted in Anger Management on December 21, 2012 by soul93

Hello. Today i am a dark sadist soul. We are that once in a while. I haven’t written for a long time. But that is no excuse for being what i pose.

What is a dark sadist soul? What does one look like? Is it fun being something like that? Am i all that dark and sadistic that it is all a blur and a haze to me, the blissful world?

I don’t know anything. It is just a recent turn of events. I just enjoy being cruel. I have a dark soul which can not be helped.

I meet people. Silly bums usually. They act as solo beings which invite me to hurt them. Gah! It can not be helped.

I also don’t like men and most women. But mostly sick men do the trick to bring the nice devil out. I come across a sentence about burning dead men…i laugh scornfully.

I also come across an image of a sad silly girl crying…it pleases me. I want to hit her with a baseball bat.

But that is just dark crazy talk. Now y’all i won’t do any of that.

But really…people can be ‘people who are dumb people’. And that is just sad. Maybe i am too much of an egoist that i consider everyone beyond me….Meh!

They don’t have to piss me off you know!