Amna has a think.

Yes. Why?

Hey there. Didn’t think i’d come back so soon? Me neither. But i couldn’t resist. Because i just had a think. Now this one, it is important.

It aims at practically everyone, maybe even myself. Who knows. But c’mon. No one has an answer for this right? People will remain people, as long as they are alive. That is no one kills them and or they are taken up by an apocalyptic storm.

People show such utterly pathetic behavior sometimes. They say things as meaningless than this *think i has*.

To begin with–all of them think that they are so important. Secondly, all of them think that they are right. Thirdly, all of them think that others should and must listen to them. Fourthly, all of them think that once others have listened to them, they should agree with them.


We live in a world so full of these dupes that we can not help but either feel left out or be a part of it. Most of s choose the second option, proving again–my point that people are such dupes,

Don’t think me nasty, but that is they way it is. In a parallel universe if all of us end up becoming a pebble or a rock, it wont make much difference.

So why are people dupes? Perhaps no one told them that before so they keep on doing what they do best.

A round of applause for these people.


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