Thinks your Facebook posts are so insightful.


So i shall begin with that thought. Hi i am Amna and yes that person up there is me. You see what i am doing there? I am having my mind blown up by the bunch of *amazing* posts you post on Facebook, of course i am being sarcastic here. Do you think for a second that i or anyone else for that matter cares about what you are wearing, doing, eating, studying, pooping and what color it is?

I will save you a dime–NO. What is agonizing is the fact that people actually waste their valuable time posting their inside outs on Facebook, much like i am telling you what i think, but that is a different story.

I have friends on my list who would go to the ends of the world to describe best how they spent the last three seconds. Please give them a round of applause.

Things like what they are wearing–and what they feel about it. Telling  the whole world that they were at  an expensive restaurant leaving it up for our imagination that *yep they’ll be having an expensive shitting experience*. A round of applause for them folks!

SO yes Amna thinks that Your Facebook posts are so insightful that she will turn in her grave sometime soon. A round of applause for the weirdos. *toasts*


2 Responses to “Thinks your Facebook posts are so insightful.”

  1. Hits the mark. :’)

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