Amna’s brain is exploding!

Good day *irony*. I am Amna, for those of you who don’t know. I am a very awe-inspiring person *truth*. I am also an anti-people person, although i am highly social. You wonder how that could be. Well people sometimes irritate me.

So today the agenda is that my brain is exploding. And why is it exploding at all. Well to begin with it is extremely hot here. So hot that it ain’t even funny. I feel that we are living somewhere in the center of the sun.

Secondly because everyone is annoying one way or another. But mostly because i am watching t.v and everywhere i switch, there are these love-sick dramas where everyone is falling in love with everyone else.

Seriously! What is the big deal with everything and everyone. Series about little children falling in love with each other, making all sorts of silly mistakes and what not and then regretting it.

Then there are the older people falling in love having children, getting married, having affairs, having more illegitimate children. I mean, so this is the last thing we should totally worry about is finding the *right one*? And then, why does everything revolve around marriage? Is it SOOOO important?

So with all this my brain is exploding. *kabooom*


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