Suddenly Amna sees all the patterns. Or how she wishes


Hello there. How has it been? I hope it has been good, because while whatever happened to you, i got hit by an epiphany. And now i can see all the patters quite clearly.

Maybe because it is really really mind boggling hot. But whatever the reason i now can safely assume that i am a maestro who knows about the living realities of life.

Okay. Slight exaggeration there. I see SOME patters but not all of them.

For instance i see that this world has sooo many humans. but what i fail is see is WHY?

And i see that cats are all soft and cuddly. But i cant say why.

I see that people are pathetic but i can not explain, because i can not see, why.

And then, i see that there is a purpose of my living, but what i don’t get is that why then am i so damn lazy, getting fat and not doing ever half of the stuff that i see myself doing in my mind.

So that is it. Seeing pretty colorful circles as a pattern is easy enough. But being fooled by them–not cool circles, not cool.


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