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A Page From the Diary of A Dark Sadist Soul..

Posted in Anger Management on December 21, 2012 by soul93

Hello. Today i am a dark sadist soul. We are that once in a while. I haven’t written for a long time. But that is no excuse for being what i pose.

What is a dark sadist soul? What does one look like? Is it fun being something like that? Am i all that dark and sadistic that it is all a blur and a haze to me, the blissful world?

I don’t know anything. It is just a recent turn of events. I just enjoy being cruel. I have a dark soul which can not be helped.

I meet people. Silly bums usually. They act as solo beings which invite me to hurt them. Gah! It can not be helped.

I also don’t like men and most women. But mostly sick men do the trick to bring the nice devil out. I come across a sentence about burning dead men…i laugh scornfully.

I also come across an image of a sad silly girl crying…it pleases me. I want to hit her with a baseball bat.

But that is just dark crazy talk. Now y’all i won’t do any of that.

But really…people can be ‘people who are dumb people’. And that is just sad. Maybe i am too much of an egoist that i consider everyone beyond me….Meh!

They don’t have to piss me off you know!




The Rage Monster!!

Posted in Anger Management with tags , , , , , , , on November 28, 2012 by soul93

This is number one anger management technique.

To be followed at times…actually at all time.

Find a rod or a stick or anything close and……..roar.


Break glass. *raaaaaaaawrrrrrrrr*

*arghhhhhhhhhhh* *break whatever you can find*

Break the furniture.

Hit people.




Lose yourself.

The Man of a Donkey That I Would Like to Flog!

Posted in Anger Management with tags , , , on October 9, 2012 by soul93

So have you seen this kind yet?? You must have..after all we live among them. It could be that guy sitting right next to you. Or that other sloppy bozo who makes merry out of your misery.

It could be any one? But who again are we talking about here. That same man of a donkey who will always bloody ridicule himself at the sake of that ******* thing called love!

He is a donkey and he can not see things the way animals, for instance humans can. He will do things for love, what he thinks or likes to call it! He feels a petty emotion creeping up inside his empty skull and instantly calls it love. He will want to bang every dog for that matter.

He would see colors in front of his eyes and he will think that these colors are divine…while the case is not so…these colors are there because he has been high on his stench for a long time.

Call me a cynic..or whatever you feel like doing do…i loath such kind. It is a show of low-life…a fact which makes the other irritate. It is a syndrome in fact.. These man-donkeys have wasted their time, life and brain.

The fodder that they are after will never be of a good kind. It is in fact mostly disgusting, poisonous and filthy!

He would make a fool out of himself because that is one thing…the only human quality that he is good at.

That is one donkey i would like to flog.

FL\log for better or for worse.

MOS (Murder Over Sucking blood)-Quit-O! Mosquito.

Posted in Anger Management with tags , , , , on May 13, 2012 by soul93

Ever see one of these? I am sure you must have. These CREATURES are known as mosquitoes.

According to Wikipedia, “The mosquitoes are a family of small, midge-like flies: the Culicidae. Although a few species are harmless or even useful to humanity, most are a nuisance because they suck blood from vertebrates , many of them attacking humans. In feeding on blood various species of mosquitoes transmit some of the most harmful human and livestock diseases. Some authorities argue accordingly that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on earth.

See the most dangerous animals on earth. And while i was searching Google before i wrote this down, *yes i do some research beforehand to avoid any embarrassments afterwards* there was this link which was titled *How mosquitoes work?*

While it could be all science and all that artsy fartsy stuff i thought i can do better. See i live in Pakistan. Here mosquitoes are found in large (read LARGIGANTIC) stocks. And they bite you like they own you. They are the living cause of epidemics like malaria and dengue. And many people have died due to these.

They are everywhere. And they would bite you anywhere. Trust me they would. Without even being charged of unnecessary touching. And once they are done sucking your good blood, it leaves a swollen blotch thing which is red and itched. And then you scratch your self like a caged animal would. These things are not done yet. They would fly to your ear and sing heavens know what to make sure you can not sleep peacefully.

And believe me they are no Jon Bon Jovi or Kurt Cobain. Neither do they sing a lullaby.

So the one defense you have against them..are your hands. Actually there are a number of odd smelling mosquito repellents and other things, but your hands are the king.

I have myself waged in war against these things and killed many of them using my bare hands. And no i was not given any award and neither was i recognized for this stunt or credited. I was just bit some more. Revenge perhaps was it.

And sometimes these things are so clever and so bloody fast that they just escape from the firm grip of your hand. They fly away. And then come back to bite you. To suck blood.

They are like small crafted vampires. Instead of fangs they have a thin tube like something that digs inside of you and sucks your blood like it is a cocktail. It probably is for them.

In due time i would probably see them in my sleep. Fat, well bred, slouchy, irritating and something you would want to murder (over sucking your blood). Ladies if the description reminds you of your husbands or boyfriends then it is purely co incidental.