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Why I Hate Exams!!

Posted in Because i said so.. with tags , , , on April 29, 2013 by soul93

It is no secret. I hate exams. And i know a whole bunch of people who hate them. And what is to love?

To begin with, you can never study as you should. During exams your brain is always wandering about things of the future. And even so, if you digest a couple of things, it drifts back….back…back somewhere during the actual exam.

Now do not think that i am dull in the brain (although during the exams one does turn into a dull brained bozo) but it is true. Your brain acts as if it is not related to you in any way. And maybe it isn’t. After all you happen to be a clever nut..*sorry dear brain*

Moving on. There happen to be so many godforsaken books…books that you want to run away from..You can not sleep because you have to face these books.

Then you become dull. Oh wait i already mentioned that. Then you have to write….so much. So very much. It is hard to understand why.

You write..for what reason?? To somehow please the person who would read it? I do not understand.. Do you not get enough of pleasing most of the people…and now you have to please some more.

What lameness. And then i do not get how exams can check our cleverness or get an insight  to how well our brains work…when we know that they clearly do not.

I sound dull…so you may not agree with me, or find me weird. You know why i am dull. I just gave my final exam. They leave you hanging to nothingness. And you keep hoping that you can cling to something….anything that involves not using your brain 24/7.brain


A Page From The Diary Of A Nasty Cynic!

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*drum rolls*

As everything seems to happen to the sound of drum rolls these days!

Hello i am a cynic. I am not sure whether i always was..but that is what i am these days…and these days happens to be a long time.

So i woke up…like everyone else…only better at many things…And i usually wake up in a nice-ish mood. But then i know something nasty always happens that i feel like pounding every living object *insert Human Being*.

Hey don’t blame me…okay just don’t. There is no feeling in this world or any other for that matter of having a little smile thing on your face because you feel good about yourself and then suddenly like a cool breeze which runs down your spine…there are a few many dim wits jeering. Ay Caramba!

The newspaper was the same old pile of *fresh* shit.

Moving on..i see a few lazy bums, worthless excuses of men, losers who claim to be on  some sort of a  winning streak of being adorably lame..and many more people having the same attributes. I nod in disregard.

They think i like them. I mostly don’t.

Then what! Soon slowly and painfully night comes…oh many incidents do occur in between but if they were any important or any less tormenting i’d have put them here.

More people..more brooding over things that are as important as a rats a**…and yada yada yada.

Night comes…and finally i can get some sleep. Like everyone else.

But many things happen in between…like i said if they were any worthy i would have put them here.


The H and the D…Hypocricy vs Diplomacy or Simply a Hypocrites Diplomacy!?

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What complication is this, you ask? Well simply putting in supposedly simple words, it is a daze. A rugged truth. They say that these two are different things. And i agree. For i know of my nature. It is a diplomats. I do many things the diplomatic  way.

But merely because of that can i be considered a hypocrite? No! Your Honor, NO!  If one simply checks the dictionary meaning of both one will find them to be at a very different level.

While a diplomat is only a clever person of the finest quality, a hypocrite is a clever person of  um a heinous kind. Am i not being true?

While *in fictional terms* a diplomat is known to bedazzle and boggles the minds of everyone with its wondrous and eloquent speech, a hypocrite only perturbs the minds of simpletons. *They all get hurt in the end..the crazy simpletons*

But am i being fair? Am i being discriminatory? I only have my fingers crossed.

Take for instance the phrase..*All is fair in love and war*. In a hypocrites point of view:

  • there never was any love, or
  • there never commenced any war, or
  • it never was fair.

While a diplomat will think of it as:

  • if it was love, it was definitely fair, or
  • if it was a war, why was it fair, or
  • war and love are parallel points of an anti parallel road.

But does the fact prove that i am not a hypocrite? It simply could be a hypocrites diplomacy. Why can a hypocrite not be diplomatic! Pooh that is ridiculous. Any one can be anything.

In that point what would a hypocritic diplomat say that “If there is love, there wouldn’t be any war and everything would be fair, but the thing is it never was love but a delusion, and for that matter it never was, is or may be fair”

Shambles, shenanigan’s, failure, trust! Humbug. Humbug.

It exists. It exists not.

And only a drunk man will stand up right now and say..”Hypo whaaaa!!?”

So it is confusing. A hypocrite will say the right was is the wrong way. But a diplomat will say both ways are right..

Brag brag brag!

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Sayy whaaaattt

I mean whaaat :O. I got THIS MANY views from all THESE Woah not to brag or anything….but WOAH. I am a genius..and so are all these viewers 😉

A while…yes!

Posted in Because i said so.. on June 20, 2012 by soul93

It has surely been a long since i did anything..*Impertinent Hyperbolic* *Laughs like Sheldon Cooper*( blog pun).

But i will …very soon. I am now free and will blog as soon as there is lots of power..*NEVERRR???!! :O*

Mirror O Mirror On the Wall…..

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Egoists and self absorbed people..*more like myself* often stand in front of the mirror and say stuff like “Damn who is this hottie looking at me” or “Ooooo that good looking is checking me out” or wolf whistle or wink at themselves.

Ever try the mirror o mirror technique??

Well we should all have the guts enough to stand in front of the damn mirror once a while and ask what we desire…In the case of Snow White’s evil stepmother…it was “Who is the fairest of them all?”. You can improvise!

No really…something like…”Who is the hottest/sexiest of them all?”. Or “Who is the sweetest of them all?” Or any other crap like that.

Truth is when we stand in front of the mirror we see what we want to see…most of the times..i want to see a good looking chick i will see one..i want to see a good looking messed up chick i will see one…i want to see a good looking messed up bimbo i might see one.

It is just a stupid mirrior showing us the reflection of a laughable fool who is so self absorbed that it has blinded the two eyes that see…

But really…there was this picture gone viral a few years back where a cat was looking at a mirror..and saw a lion and it said on the caption…*It all depends how you see yourself*. And you know it is true…it does depend how one looks at themseleves.

And it does not depend how dirty or small the mirror is…Truth is looking at your self in the mirror is not only the trait of an egoist. Everyone does that..even if it makes you cry!

There have been many of us who have once in a while looked at the mirror and said something like “Is this really who i am?”. Because we were maybe not so happy with ourselves!?

So yes mirror on the wall is just a glass which shows us reflections…of the lousy good for nothing maybe dumb slightly proud foolish old goodie two shoes. And what THIS thing sees is what this THING wants to see NO questions asked..NO answers required!

Mirror O Mirror On The Wall ……. Who Is The Saddest Of Them All?

Righteous Nothingness…

Posted in Because i said so.. on March 22, 2012 by soul93




Have you ever heard of anything like righteous nothingness??? You probably have takes more than an absolutely amazing vocabulary to know of such uber words…a wild brain and/or any kind of brain maybe

It exists in our imagination nothingness..yes!!

There is laziness…which is harmful. It makes people thick headed and fat!

And then we have THIS…this..wonder..this miracle…

It is nothing short of being lazy…and feeling good about it!

Now what kind of HUMAN minds feel good about doing nothing?? That query is a painful question mark.

Egg heads like me you and everyone out the realm of technological er– something…who have nothing to do..have always and will always pretend..that watching things on television or surfing internet…*READ doing nothing* is nothing short of not doing anything..and in logical is called being lazy…

Sadly..we feel okay about it. The act of being not indulging in anything productive..and not feeling bad about being lazy fat bums in infact righteous nothingness.

It is not only a dilemma of the modern age a.k.a teenagers….EVERYONE is involved in this..damnation!

Be it that little kid who spends time playing useless videogames and who learns nothing except how to do things which he will never do in real life..Or that teenager who spends loads of time on the internet streaming latest good for nothing seasons..* yes i know entertainment they are but no offence  they actually teach you nothing more than the art of getting the sacred harmonic juices mixed up together in or out of your system* Or the ;asy who instead of shedding that extra weight spends time eating chocolate because that son of a douchebad left her and even took the damn dog collar..!!

And then there are more people like these and more things to *not to but read* to do..

So yeas…every one…people and aliens from planet Zog…we all indulge oursleves in this act!

Righteous nothingness what venom! What treachery!!