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The Man of a Donkey That I Would Like to Flog!

Posted in Anger Management with tags , , , on October 9, 2012 by soul93

So have you seen this kind yet?? You must have..after all we live among them. It could be that guy sitting right next to you. Or that other sloppy bozo who makes merry out of your misery.

It could be any one? But who again are we talking about here. That same man of a donkey who will always bloody ridicule himself at the sake of that ******* thing called love!

He is a donkey and he can not see things the way animals, for instance humans can. He will do things for love, what he thinks or likes to call it! He feels a petty emotion creeping up inside his empty skull and instantly calls it love. He will want to bang every dog for that matter.

He would see colors in front of his eyes and he will think that these colors are divine…while the case is not so…these colors are there because he has been high on his stench for a long time.

Call me a cynic..or whatever you feel like doing do…i loath such kind. It is a show of low-life…a fact which makes the other irritate. It is a syndrome in fact.. These man-donkeys have wasted their time, life and brain.

The fodder that they are after will never be of a good kind. It is in fact mostly disgusting, poisonous and filthy!

He would make a fool out of himself because that is one thing…the only human quality that he is good at.

That is one donkey i would like to flog.

FL\log for better or for worse.