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The H and the D…Hypocricy vs Diplomacy or Simply a Hypocrites Diplomacy!?

Posted in Because i said so.. with tags , , , , , , , on July 21, 2012 by soul93

What complication is this, you ask? Well simply putting in supposedly simple words, it is a daze. A rugged truth. They say that these two are different things. And i agree. For i know of my nature. It is a diplomats. I do many things the diplomatic  way.

But merely because of that can i be considered a hypocrite? No! Your Honor, NO!  If one simply checks the dictionary meaning of both one will find them to be at a very different level.

While a diplomat is only a clever person of the finest quality, a hypocrite is a clever person of  um a heinous kind. Am i not being true?

While *in fictional terms* a diplomat is known to bedazzle and boggles the minds of everyone with its wondrous and eloquent speech, a hypocrite only perturbs the minds of simpletons. *They all get hurt in the end..the crazy simpletons*

But am i being fair? Am i being discriminatory? I only have my fingers crossed.

Take for instance the phrase..*All is fair in love and war*. In a hypocrites point of view:

  • there never was any love, or
  • there never commenced any war, or
  • it never was fair.

While a diplomat will think of it as:

  • if it was love, it was definitely fair, or
  • if it was a war, why was it fair, or
  • war and love are parallel points of an anti parallel road.

But does the fact prove that i am not a hypocrite? It simply could be a hypocrites diplomacy. Why can a hypocrite not be diplomatic! Pooh that is ridiculous. Any one can be anything.

In that point what would a hypocritic diplomat say that “If there is love, there wouldn’t be any war and everything would be fair, but the thing is it never was love but a delusion, and for that matter it never was, is or may be fair”

Shambles, shenanigan’s, failure, trust! Humbug. Humbug.

It exists. It exists not.

And only a drunk man will stand up right now and say..”Hypo whaaaa!!?”

So it is confusing. A hypocrite will say the right was is the wrong way. But a diplomat will say both ways are right..