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Amna is gonna make sure the World gets it right.

Posted in Amna Says/Thinks/Does Things with tags , , , , on June 6, 2013 by soul93


Hey there. Are you having fun there? I am sure you are. So you must be wondering why a i so anti-people, anti-world! Of course you are. I am just one of the very few normal people who wants to set things right.

And from where i see it, this whole damn world needs a good *setting right*. Look at me, being all apocalyptic angry riding an asteroid heading towards the world.

Don’t be afraid, if you are one of the few normal people like me, it wont hurt.

Okay you got me–this post is not really how i intended to put it. In fact it has turned out quite the opposite.

I wanted it to be all rant and rave, but i am not being all aggressive. The comic says it all doesn’t it. Look what we did to the world. And btw by world i mean the people. Really. They need to be nudged hard.