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I am too lazy to write i will just put picture(s)..and leave the rest to you.

My heart is baroked..:/

Bah bahamb..bahamnbb…I should sleep now.


Productivity?? I Think Not.

Posted in Gun Powder!! with tags , , , on June 20, 2012 by soul93

It happened each time.. just before summer vacations i had a list sorted out of the things that i would do. Productive things too. And then the vacations arrive..and all that is done…is sleep, sleep, watch tv, use internet and sleep some more.

My heart bleeds each time this happens.

I think it is something to do with the psychology and maybe the mood. But then moods are also psychological things-ish something.

And so my heart bleeds. But i think i already told y’all that.

After each vacation i get fat and rude and i almost have forgotten how to talk a lady. Its almost like you were living in a cave..and the first hint of light made you squeal *LIGHTTT IT BURNS!!*. It probably did.

Every time i want to write down all the things that i would get done this time of the year..but forget the damn list i always end up arguing with myself..that *you go get the paper. no YOU get the paper*.

And my heart… ehh whatever.

So productivity factor= NIL.

And a time comes when i cant even remember how to spell productivity. I mean who needs productivity..when at the end of the day we are alll going to die and rot in hell…because trust me we are…

Sigh and so my heart… bleeds.

This is what i look like when asked anything about productivity.