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In-debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth

Ahhh running.

Maybe it’s just the runner’s high from yesterday, but I’m waxing poetical about running. And while it’s getting a tad colder in Canberra, and also the sun has pretty much set by the time I get home, so I don’t have the opportunity to do my Bridge-To-Bridge run, I am substituting it for some good ol’ treadmill time.

Of course I am by no means a marathon runner. If any of you are picturing a svelte antelope-like creature, bounding tirelessly over the tarmac of the city jungle-scape, you’ve got the wrong blogger in mind.

But there’s something zen-like about loosing yourself in your stride. Ear phones drowning out your measured, rhythmic, sometimes gasping breath. Drowning out the distant burr of traffic. Drowning out the wavering sounds of the conversations of others as you pass them by. A watery grave of melody and music surrounds everything around you.


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MOS (Murder Over Sucking blood)-Quit-O! Mosquito.

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Ever see one of these? I am sure you must have. These CREATURES are known as mosquitoes.

According to Wikipedia, “The mosquitoes are a family of small, midge-like flies: the Culicidae. Although a few species are harmless or even useful to humanity, most are a nuisance because they suck blood from vertebrates , many of them attacking humans. In feeding on blood various species of mosquitoes transmit some of the most harmful human and livestock diseases. Some authorities argue accordingly that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on earth.

See the most dangerous animals on earth. And while i was searching Google before i wrote this down, *yes i do some research beforehand to avoid any embarrassments afterwards* there was this link which was titled *How mosquitoes work?*

While it could be all science and all that artsy fartsy stuff i thought i can do better. See i live in Pakistan. Here mosquitoes are found in large (read LARGIGANTIC) stocks. And they bite you like they own you. They are the living cause of epidemics like malaria and dengue. And many people have died due to these.

They are everywhere. And they would bite you anywhere. Trust me they would. Without even being charged of unnecessary touching. And once they are done sucking your good blood, it leaves a swollen blotch thing which is red and itched. And then you scratch your self like a caged animal would. These things are not done yet. They would fly to your ear and sing heavens know what to make sure you can not sleep peacefully.

And believe me they are no Jon Bon Jovi or Kurt Cobain. Neither do they sing a lullaby.

So the one defense you have against them..are your hands. Actually there are a number of odd smelling mosquito repellents and other things, but your hands are the king.

I have myself waged in war against these things and killed many of them using my bare hands. And no i was not given any award and neither was i recognized for this stunt or credited. I was just bit some more. Revenge perhaps was it.

And sometimes these things are so clever and so bloody fast that they just escape from the firm grip of your hand. They fly away. And then come back to bite you. To suck blood.

They are like small crafted vampires. Instead of fangs they have a thin tube like something that digs inside of you and sucks your blood like it is a cocktail. It probably is for them.

In due time i would probably see them in my sleep. Fat, well bred, slouchy, irritating and something you would want to murder (over sucking your blood). Ladies if the description reminds you of your husbands or boyfriends then it is purely co incidental.

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Silent Observer

Irony! A word which might sound good at the beginning but getting to know the depth of this very word is, has and will always be DISTRESSING!

Youu got me….always..DISTRESSING with CAPS ON.

You see life is not all that messed is your fate that makes it so. We may not (and usually we do not ) like it but it is inevitable and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Whatever bad happens to us is all the doing of the villian we call FATE. Now don’t get me wrong it could have something good for us..maybe…sometimes….MAYBE.

It is sad enough that the barbarian always knows where it hurts the most…and it never misses a hit.

*Been there done that?*

Have’nt we all??

We have been hurt and then dragged in the dirt and cried and done all sorts of crazy stuff like this …because of…

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Silent Observer


*The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we’re afraid.*


Denial- thy form is a malignant sin!

People who live in denial have my sympathies with them. If i said that i never lived in this state..would be a lie…so i know the kind that does…and what goes through the minds of such people. * self sympathizing*

Cowards..shrinking cowards they all are.

I am being generous enough to give a free advice..STEP OUT OF IT…SNAP OUT OF IT…IT WILL KILL YOU.

For i know..what is it like…You see it probably feels nice to feel uber cool at times…but we all know that under that cloak there is usually a stinking truth that we like to get rid of..and when we can not do do..we just lay back on our sofas…denying the…

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I am awesome and you are not.

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Self explanatory.

I know more things than you.

I know better things than you.

You are a poser.

You are a no one.

I am better than you.

I am awesome in many ways.

You remain a loser..sadly.

I am awesome and you are not.

There quickly you get to know this  the better it will be for you.