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In LOVE much??!

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It isn’t hard to figure out whether a person is in love or not…Honestly it is easy. One look at the savage human and it clicks that this being is in for some ruckus, disharmony, disorder….and what not.

What’s that you say?? You don’t think so! I will let you in on a secret…I THINK SO.

Here is why.

  • These two are heads over heels in love with each other..if they like wannabee pictures and lame statuses of each other on Facebook.
  • These two take some hideous picture together and she puts the longest most *sickly* romantic caption for it.
  • She picks her nose in public and he thinks it is cute.
  • He lives with his folks and he is a grown man *honestly* and she does not mind.
  • He puts unrealistic love songs for her….many of them….i a day.
  • Have weird nicknames for each other,are known by them all over the world. *now how did that happen*
  • Stalks her *HOT* female friends on social networking sites, she knows of it and says that he wants to socialize with them.
  • Has an uncomfortable relation with her dog, he is not bothered.
  • Spends hours in the bathroom, she does not inquire why. *TRUSTS HIM*
  • Wants to marry her and be the father of her kids…………after the third date.
  •  Says *I WUV WOO* after every 10 seconds.

Now now..there is nothing hypothetically wrong with all of this…but these kinds of things are mostly liked in series or movies. In reality the *LOVE* is quite complicated. And it surpasses all of THIS crap.

It may seem all cute and aww-able but it does not work this way.



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I am too lazy to write i will just put picture(s)..and leave the rest to you.

My heart is baroked..:/

Bah bahamb..bahamnbb…I should sleep now.


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Life is a complicated bozo. And what is more annoying…are sometimes the people around you. I mean they are fine one minute..and all just ****ed up the next moment.

And they make you look like one too.

People it is not wrong to want space. It is not wrong to need space.

But why don’t i get any then? :/

Yes it becomes torturous most of the time. And i know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way.

I am a box. A 3D box who is  multidimensional from within and it gets hard.

It gets tough. It would be wrong to walk around with a knife..or a gun going on a killing streak when it gets suffocating. And that it gets a LOT.

I sometimes wish i was a transparent balloon floating in the air. And that would be a hell more convenient.

I WANT space. I NEED space. I am a balloon.

Same place i put the rest of it.



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I just had to publish one more blog to make it a 15. So its nothing you know….its just….



Brag brag brag!

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Sayy whaaaattt

I mean whaaat :O. I got THIS MANY views from all THESE Woah not to brag or anything….but WOAH. I am a genius..and so are all these viewers 😉

Productivity?? I Think Not.

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It happened each time.. just before summer vacations i had a list sorted out of the things that i would do. Productive things too. And then the vacations arrive..and all that is done…is sleep, sleep, watch tv, use internet and sleep some more.

My heart bleeds each time this happens.

I think it is something to do with the psychology and maybe the mood. But then moods are also psychological things-ish something.

And so my heart bleeds. But i think i already told y’all that.

After each vacation i get fat and rude and i almost have forgotten how to talk a lady. Its almost like you were living in a cave..and the first hint of light made you squeal *LIGHTTT IT BURNS!!*. It probably did.

Every time i want to write down all the things that i would get done this time of the year..but forget the damn list i always end up arguing with myself..that *you go get the paper. no YOU get the paper*.

And my heart… ehh whatever.

So productivity factor= NIL.

And a time comes when i cant even remember how to spell productivity. I mean who needs productivity..when at the end of the day we are alll going to die and rot in hell…because trust me we are…

Sigh and so my heart… bleeds.

This is what i look like when asked anything about productivity.